Why Does My Car Pull To The Right?

Why Does My Car Pull To The Right?

Your car shouldn’t pull to the right or left. If you are on a level road and take your hands off the steering wheel, your vehicle should continue to move forward for a short distance without veering in either direction. Don’t try this! We don’t recommend it, but if your car is pulling to the right, Beachside Tire & Auto Repair can help figure out what that something is.

Make Note of When the Vehicle Pulls

It’s wise to make note of when the vehicle pulls, as this indicates certain problems. For example, does your vehicle always pull to the right or have you noticed a tug toward the left at times? Does it pull when you accelerate or brake? How bad is the pull? Do you have to fight to keep it going straight? (If so, don’t drive it. You could cause an accident.)

Causes of Vehicle Pulls

Once you’ve noted when and how the vehicle pulls, you can check a few things out yourself to see if they resolve the problem. The first thing you should do is check the tire pressure of all four tires, even if the car is only pulling to the right. Make certain each tire is inflated to its proper weight. If it isn’t, head to the gas station and fill the tire(s) properly.

Next, inspect your tires thoroughly. Do any of them look worn? Are they worn unevenly? If so, this could cause the vehicle to pull to the right and it’s also an indicator of a bigger problem that might also be the culprit. Tires that aren’t properly aligned or that are out of balance will wear down unevenly, so this could also be the cause.

Pull the service receipts out of your glove compartment to see when it was you had your tires balanced and aligned last. Also, check to see when you had them rotated. Are you overdo per the manufacturer’s recommendations in your owner’s manual? Bring your vehicle in for a tire inspection, rotation, balance, and alignment.

Your Brakes Could Also Be the Cause

Finally, your brakes might also cause your vehicle to pull to the right. If your brakes are pressurized properly, this can cause the vehicle to pull to one side. When you press on the brake pedal, brake fluid flows through the master cylinder to the calipers. This fluid depresses pistons inside the calipers which push the pads against the rotors. A stuck caliper will veer a vehicle.

We’ll Set You Straight

Whether pulling to the right or the left, Beachside Tire & Auto Repair has shops in both Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC. Call us at 843-342-7876 or 843-474-6455, respectively, and we’ll get your car driving straight down the road again.