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What Causes Fuel Injection Problems?

Fuel Injection Concerns in Bluffton, South Carolina

What Are Fuel Injections?

Pumping gas into your car is easy, but have you ever wondered how it makes its way to your engine to keep it going? We at Beachside Tire & Auto in Bluffton, South Carolina, have a lot of interesting information to enlighten our customers about fuel injectors and their role in your fuel-efficiency when you are out and about on the road. Fuel injectors help to guide petrol to the car’s engine and make it less likely to pollute the environment. Identifying direct issues with fuel injectors can be tricky, so we highly recommend consulting with a professional before attempting to tamper with these yourself. However, we are more than happy to guide awareness on what to look for that may suggest your fuel injectors may need some attention.

How To Stay Safe

Knowing what a fuel injector is and how it works is only half the battle. What if they start to experience some complications and how can you tell when it may be time to have your fuel injectors inspected? If you experience deficient fuel economy, inconsistent engine idling, unstable engine power, misfiring in the engine, or a strong fuel smell, then your vehicle could be experiencing fuel injection failure. This could become hazardous and risky while on the road if not prioritized for proper care or replacement. What causes these issues? The following may not always indicate it is solely that the fuel injectors are malfunctioning, but they can give you a rough idea that they could be related. If you cannot open your injector or close the injection, it could be due to faulty windings, build-up, or rust, which makes the injector unable to deliver fuel properly. If you notice reduced fuel performance, hard stopping, and high fuel consumption, this could be due to your fuel injectors leaking, which is dangerous. Dirty fuel injectors can also be caused by the residue that crusts over from burning due to not being sprayed with the proper additives, resulting in uneven spraying and uneven patterns in operation.

Let Us Take A Look

Since our doors opened back in 1902, we have served more than 50 million customers with our ASE-Master Certified technicians and their expert skills ready to service your vehicles. Beachside Tire & Auto in Bluffton, South Carolina, is now partnered with AAA (American Automobile Association) to further our commitment to keeping all our customers safe on and off the road. If you find your fuel injectors are becoming a concern, do not hesitate to contact us for support. You can visit our website, call us, or come in person to set up an appointment with us so we can provide you the services you need to stay safe and alert on the road.

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