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Why Balance Your Tires?

Tire Balancing in Bluffton, South Carolina

Staying Balanced

Life is about balance, and a sturdy vehicle requires balanced tires. Here at Beachside Tire & Auto of Bluffton, South Carolina, we strongly stand by this rule for the safety and convenience of all drivers on the road. Balanced tires will ensure smooth acceleration, whether you are going slower or faster to reach your destinations. When tires are neglected the care they need to stay healthy, all drivers are at risk. Let us educate you on what you can do to ensure your tires meet your vehicle’s requirements so you can avoid accidents and uncomfortable driving in the future.

When Is It Time?

There are a few common signs that your tires are out of balance and need some attention. You may notice your vehicle drifting to one side when attempting to keep straight, fast or uneven tread, and your steering wheel shaking when accelerating. Please also beware of damaged tires, which may not always be originally caused by lack of balance but can lead to the car having complications that could lead to even more expensive repairs if not acknowledged sooner. How do we prevent these issues from happening? Staying alert on the road to avoid hitting curbs, potholes, and other obstacles vastly lessens your chances of needing your tires rebalanced. When getting a flat replaced or an alignment done, we recommend also checking in with a professional to note if getting your tires balanced is recommended. One last tip: Keeping your vehicle parked in a spot for weeks to months at a time can also cause the tires to be uneven. They will develop what are called ‘flat spots’ but often go away after driving the vehicle for a few miles. If not, it is recommended to bring the vehicle in for inspection.

Come Get Balanced

Need we say more? Now that you know the basics for ensuring your tires are balanced come to Beachside Tire & Auto if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about them. We are partnered with AAA (American Automobile Association) and have served over 50 million customers since our doors opened in 1902. All of our technicians are ASE-Master certified, which means they have aced all 50 tests and offer the most elite skills in the market. Sounds like a winner? Let us give your life the balance it deserves. Visit our site or give us a call to book an appointment. Our doors are always open to you for all your tire repair and adjustment needs.

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