Transmission Rebuilding & Overhaul

Is your car having transmission problems? Trust Beachside Tire & Auto Repair in Hilton Head Island & and Bluffton to take care of it for you. We are transmission repair specialists and always do our very best to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied. Our professionals are highly experienced and trained to identify any problems with your car or truck’s transmission and fix them. You can trust us to take good care of your car every time you step into our facility. Whether you own a domestic or imported, automatic or manual speed vehicle, we can fix it for you.

Our Services Include:

Transmission Inspection and Diagnosis
Having a problem with your transmission? Let one of our ASE Certified technicians look at your vehicle so you can get back on the road in a timely fashion. Call Hilton Head 843-342-7876 or Bluffton 843-837-7600 to talk to the experts of Beachside Tire & Auto Repair about your transmission problems.

Transmission Rebuilding & Overhauling
We can handle all of your transmission repair needs from minor repairs to complete overhauls. We rebuild the transmissions in house using quality parts. We don’t cut any corners and replace all components at time of rebuild. Your car’s transmission system is the most complicated system in your car, made up of hundreds of complex components that enable your vehicle to move. It includes transmission fluid, electrical components, universal joints, and a torque converter. For proper transmission repair to take place, these components must be dismantled, cleaned, and inspected for wear. This process provides you with an accurate assessment of your vehicle’s problem before the transmission repair commences.

When you make use of our transmission repair services, all worn and/or damaged parts are either repaired or replaced by our experts. After the parts are thoroughly inspected, repaired, or replaced, they are reassembled, adjusted, and tested for proper operation, ensuring that your transmission repair leaves your car road ready.

Clutch Repair & Service
If you have a manual transmission in your car, then you need to make sure your clutch is maintained. The clutch is a crucial component that connects the engine to your vehicle’s drive train. This piece of complex machinery demands finesse and attention to detail. Whether you need clutch repair, maintenance, or assembly, our technicians are prepared to assist you with your clutch repair and/or assembly needs. We service all domestic and foreign makes and models as well as hybrid, all-wheel drive and diesel vehicles.