Fuel System Service

The fuel injection system in your car admits the fuel into the engine so that it can run smoothly and properly. Most vehicles manufactured since 1990 rely solely on the fuel injector system instead of carburetors as the main way to get gasoline to the engine. The process works when the fuel injector atomizes the fuel, pumping it through a small nozzle under high pressure. If this system fails, your vehicle could suffer from poor performance and even a destroyed engine. For all your fuel injection maintenance and replacement needs in the South Carolina area, call the location at Hilton Head 843-474-6836 or the Bluffton location at 843-474-2862, or visit Beachside Tire & Auto Repair today.

What Causes Fuel Injection Problems?

In most cases, the most common problem for fuel injection systems is dirt. If the injectors get clogged with dirt, sludge, or other debris, the nozzles will not be able to produce the fine mist it needs to operate the vehicle. The actual injector itself can also get stuck in a closed position, causing it to not spray any fuel at all. Another common problem is when just one injector is closed while the other works, causingyour car to lag or misfire. A clogged fuel injection system can wreak havoc on any type of vehicle, so keeping it clean is essential.

How Can you Fix Fuel Injector Issues?

Before you take your vehicle to a mechanic, try a store-bought fuel injector cleaner. You can find these at most auto parts stores and they’re easy to use. Simply add the cleaner to a full tank of gas and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Try this on a regular basis, and your fuel injection system should stay clean for the most part. If the cleaner doesn’t seem to be working, it may be time to call in the professionals who can perform a thorough cleaning of your system. It’s also recommended that you only use high-quality gasoline in your car to prevent buildup.

What Happens During a Cleaning?

If you decide to get your fuel injection cleaned, the mechanic will first disconnect the lines from the system and then reattach a tank of special, concentrated cleaning solution. The injectors themselves will be inspected and cleaned as well. By running your engine’s injection system through this special solution, most dirt, grime, and debris should be fully removed. The mechanic will check your fuel pump as well to make sure it’s not leaking and operating at the correct pressure level. They will then check the airflow rate of your engine and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your fuel is getting to your engine in a safe and efficient manner.