Diesel Engine Repair

diesel engine repairModern diesel engines have become more popular than ever. With their muscled-up horsepower, massive torque and long-haul accountability, these engines can provide the heavy-duty performance you always wanted–if you maintain them properly. That’s why Beachside Tire & Auto Repair goes the extra mile to ensure your vehicle gets all the specialized attention it deserves. With top-rated diagnostic equipment and expressly-trained technicians, you know your diesel leaves our shop in the best shape possible.

Although the toughness inherent in diesel engines means you won’t need frequent tune-ups like traditional ones, diesels still require regular maintenance to stay on point. Here are the most crucial tasks to stay on top of:

Oil Filters – Carbon and sulfur residue can build up since fuel doesn’t completely burn in these engines. A consistently clean, high-quality filter helps keep corrosive particles from contaminating the oil.

Glow Plugs – The compressed heat in a diesel engine usually produces less than is needed to burn fuel, which results in glow plugs warming the cylinder prior to a cold engine’s ignition. These unique parts need frequent evaluation, especially during winter, to keep the engine working well.

Gaskets – Since these components operate in hot, severe conditions, they need lots of TLC. Also, have mounting bots monitored frequently to avoid damaging leaks.

Oil Changes – Like traditional engines, diesels need clean oil to function effectively. Make sure you keep regular oil changes on the top of your to-do list.

Fuel System Bleeds – Air can get trapped in a diesel engine, preventing regular fuel supply from adequately flowing. Bleeding the fuel system, the process of pumping fuel through the lines, ensures all air gets released, keeping your diesel healthy and safe.

Water Separators – Diesel fuel filter separators should have water drained as part of a regular maintenance schedule. Since excess dirt and water can build up in the fuel, this task protects the engine before it starts to misfire.

Urea Injection System – Urea tanks, standard in diesels since 2010, clean nitrogen oxide from the exhaust system. This diesel exhaust fluid should be constantly checked and refilled to maintain optimal levels.

If you live in the Hilton Head or Bluffton areas and want reliable, fast service for your diesel engine, call Beachside Tire & Auto Repair at 843-940-8327 (Hilton Head) or 843-474-6455 (Bluffton) today. Our unparalleled expertise and decades of experience working on both domestic and import vehicles mean you receive the highest quality service at competitive rates. Not to mention, all our mechanics are ASE-master certified. With Beachside, we only hire the best!